As one of the largest industrial holding, we consider it important to develop and promote higher technical education. To support young talents in higher education, the BLRT Fond was established by the concern at the Estonian National Culture Foundation. Each year, several talented students receive scholarships from the foundation.

Applications for scholarships can be submitted by students in the field of mechanical engineering, ship repair, shipbuilding, foundry, welding, offshore industry, economics and information technology. The scholarship amount is 2,000 euro.

Applications are accepted every year from September 1 to mid-October by e-mail

2019 scholarship holders

Mihkel Erik Nigul, TalTech student

A scholarship from the BLRT Foundation will give me the opportunity to gain knowledge, in addition to TalTech, in another well-known foreign university. This financial support will allow you to either graduate there or study exchange within one semester. The advantage of studying abroad is a universal foundation for a future career in any country, including Estonia. It is well known that Estonian companies have all the prerequisites in order to catch up with Western European companies in terms of robotization of manufacturing. I would like to contribute in the future to improving this situation.

Mihkel Mägi, TalTech student

Getting an education is a project that requires planning. A good plan allows you to identify risks in your studies, as well as determine the factors that affect the final result. As in all endeavors, no one wants to violate the deadlines, including training. It is necessary to work hard in order to have time to master all that valuable material that is necessary for obtaining a profession. But sometimes you have to compromise. And in this case, the scholarship helps to feel at least insignificant financial independence and focus on the main thing – to study, in addition – to attend electives in order to expand their basic knowledge in accordance with the interests and abilities of the student.

Artur Dragunov, TalTech student

A scholarship can be an excellent foundation for a future career and life. In addition to monetary rewards, BLRT Grupp offers practice to students, which makes this scholarship especially desirable, since any practice is a work experience without which nowadays are nowhere. I am sure that the scholarship will contribute to the acquisition of irreplaceable experience and the opportunity to become a member of BLRT Grupp team in the future.

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